USAdaddy, sugar daddy, 35, Seattle, Washington, USA

Jan 24, 2020 09:01 AM

Sugar baby?

Just had a look through this forum and it seems like it’s turned into a bunch of scams both from the sugar daddy and sugar baby side.Is it still possible to find a real sugar baby on here?Is it possible to find a lady that’s not trying to scam me on here? I’m looking for someone from USA ofcourse,age doesn’t really matter but if you’re not in my state you’d have to be willing to travel.I would like someone at least moderately interesting and that can hold a good conversation. What’s on offer? A decent weekly allowance Shopping sprees I will never ask for your banking information or none of that personal stuff.I will also not try scam you,all I ask if don’t waste my time. If you’re interested you can message me on here or you can reply to my post.